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Spotwork is a staffing marketplace and workforce management solution shaping the future of work.

Our Vision

The future of work.

The hourly workforce has seen a dramatic shift over the past few years. Accordingly, the way people want to work is changing.  We’re reimagining the way employers source candidates and the way job seekers access opportunities.

Our Mission

Socio-gig economy.

Spotwork was created out of a need for social innovation to the gig economy in 2019. We’ve coined it the “socio-gig economy”. Using technology, we’re on a mission to help job seekers access opportunities and businesses find and retain talent in an ever-changing employment landscape. 

People First

Creating accessible opportunities that truly work for everyone.

Our Leadership

Daniel Copeland

Co-Founder & COO

Darren Perlman

Co-Founder & CEO

Asher Lichtman

Head of Business Development

Ryan Chalmers

Head of Software Development

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